Handmade Pendulum Board Wooden

Pendulum Board [Wooden Board with Butterfly Design]

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A pendulum board is a divination tool engraved with a predetermined set of answers. When paired with a pendulum, this board can reveal the answers you seek. The user, known as a diviner, asks the pendulum a question while  suspending it over the board. The pendulum responds using the diviner’s energy and intuition, revealing the answers.

These beautiful nature-inspired butterfly pendulum boards are mindfully designed and laser engraved with stunning detail. Created from sustainable baltic birch, these boards are water-sealed to last for years to come.

• 5.5" diameter, water-sealed to last for years to come.
• Makes a thoughtful gift or a beautiful addition to your spiritual practice.

Please note: Natural wood finishes vary. Therefore the final product may have slight color differences from the image displayed.