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Malachite |Pure Positive Vibes and Strength| [price for one crystal]

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Malachite fills the auric field with high frequency energy and is used to protect us from energies perceived as negative.  This crystal is one of the most powerful heart stones available to us and helps both the emotional and physical heart.

Malachite contains copper’s powerful electrical conductivity and is one of the few green fire element crystals.  It can be used for grounding and helps us identify the steps needed to manifest dreams into reality.  It reminds us that we are here to co-create with the Universe and provides us the strength and organizational skills to do so.

Physically, this crystal benefits the heart, assists in repair of body tissues after injury or surgery. It’s also used to treat inflammatory conditions.

Chakras: Heart & Solar Plexus

This is a natural product.  Please allow for variation in product received.  The product received will be representative of the ones pictured.