Lepidolite tumbles stones

Lepidolite Tumbled Stones |Release Stress, Calm the Mind and Enjoy Deep Relaxation | [price for three crystals]

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Lepidotlite carries a gentle vibration and deeply relaxing energy.  This crystal helps quiet the mind for meditation and soothes those who are feeling energetically scattered.  Being in the presence of lepidolite's soothing energy helps release stress and worry and can foster peace of mind for a good night's sleep.  This crystal encourages one to embrace serenity, love and joy

Physically, this crystal is used to help one recover form heart attack, conditions brought on by extreme stress and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis

This crystal is excellent for those who are grieving after a loss or have suffered intense emotional trauma

Chakras: all; especially the Heart and Crown

This is a natural product.  Please allow for variation in product received.  The product received will be representative of the ones pictured.