Fluorite mala bracelet

Handmade Large Bead Fluorite Mala Bracelet |Ground, Connect with Spirit, Invite Clarity and Realize the Path to Joy is Clearly Lit|

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Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing crystal. It is useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. It helps get rid of cluttered thoughts and negative patterns that no longer serve our best interest.  Fluorite is known for bringing clarity as it helps clear away confusion allowing the road to joy to be is clearly lit.

Fluorite assists in overcoming fear of the future.  If you’re facing big challenges ahead, use the healing white light of Fluorite.  Follow your breath and focus on inhaling peace and clarity while exhaling confusion and chaos.

Chakras: All; especially Third Eye & Heart

This is a natural product.  Please allow for variation in product received.  The product received will be representative of the one pictured.

This bracelet is made with 10mm beads.