Fuchsite |This Mystical Crystal Brings Good Luck, Wisdom and Fills the Heart with Hope| - large [raw]

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Fuchsite is sometimes referred to as "The Wish Stone." This crystal is used as a good luck charm infusing one’s heart with hope.  Fuchsite helps link the knowledge of the mind with the intelligence of the heart. It's known for helping one develop problem solving skills and intuition.

Working with this crystal allows one to use the gifts of the mind while being guided by the wisdom of the heart.

Fuchsite crystal is a reminder that every moment is an opportunity to choose happiness.  It's appearance with the mystical shades of green highlighted by natural glitter looks like pure magic:).

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Crown

This is a natural product.  Please allow for variation in product received.  The product received will be representative of the ones pictured.