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Cancer Support Crystal Kit

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Crystals to Support Your Healing Journey

Keep these crystals close to your body to help support the healing process.  You may want to carry them in your pockets, sleep with them under your pillow or hold your favorite ones in your left hand while you are resting.

Snowflake Obsidian (black & white stone) -Helps us recognize guidance from the natural world and become more sensitive to the movement of energies in our environment. Excellent for cancer support. Can help limit the spread of cancer cells energetically and assists one in becoming more receptive to healing energy.

Ruby in Zoisite (green, pink, & black) - Infuses life force energy and passion with the heart’s energy of love and happiness. Brings deep physical healing. Excellent for immune imbalances and cancer support.

Smoky Quartz (grayish brown) – Best used to counter the negative effects of radiation including medical radiation.

Selenite (white) – Clears blockages or densities in the energy field.  It’s used to direct high frequency energy into the body, stimulating physical healing.

Rose Quartz (pink) -Helps shift the energy of the heart from stress based energy to higher frequency healing energy.

This is a natural product.  Please allow for variation in product received.  The product received will be representative of the ones pictured.